Gen 8 Reveal – 7 Minute OFFICIAL Pokemon Direct Feb 2019

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Gen 8 Reveal – 7 Minute OFFICIAL Pokemon Direct Feb 2019

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up we’re all the Austin John plays here and we’re getting a Pokemon direct tomorrow so we could be getting a real Pokemon game instead of this…. (small explosion) so the official Pokemon Twitter page tweeted today and am saying these are all the details you’re getting until tomorrow set your alarms trainers you don’t want to miss this Pokemon Day and opportunity to is an image of Pokemon direct to 6 and Pacific Standard Time and three pokeballs what could this mean well first thing nothing important other than that it could mean literally everything or anything let’s start gen 8 we could be getting gen 8 title and starters reveal or just title reveal or just starters reveal since there’s three pokeballs I would think that it has something to do with a starter reveal because we’d be seeing three Pokemon that would make sense yes people may think that we’re going in beginning a lot more information than that but if we go back in the Pokemon timeline when Sun and Moon was first introduced all we got was that very vague trailer so if we grab up here the Pokemon Sun and Moon announcement trailer which has been removed from the Pokemon YouTube page but reuploaded thanks to a GameSpot thanks for them I knew there had to be some point of reuploading these trailers this just went on to show the history of Pokemon games celebrating 20 years or 30 years celebrating 20 years actually today is an anniversary of pokemon red and green yeah this day twenty three years ago pokemon red and green were released in japan so happy birthday pokemons so now we’re celebrating 23 years we get a nice little montage of going through the different generations catching Pikachu on your Gameboy etc things like that pokemon on the 3ds Game Boy Advance original Gameboy how trading has evolved throughout the years I mentioned of the Tootsie yes which was great everybody enjoyed that X&Y connect see connector connector oh it’s just connect in every language and then boop-boo-boo-boop let go through the different years 2016 alright so this is where we get to any information that we got in regard to Sun and Moon where we got a drawing a Pikachu that’s not helpful let’s rewind back just a tiny little bit there sorry microphone here in a less than one second clip we see a whole bunch of designs going over what would be the new Pokemon Center including the little bean shop there in Sun and Moon and the items store and some other things that’s hard to identify oh that’s the outside design of it we got to see a mock-up of vehicles for the Sun and Moon games that I don’t think that actually happened we get to see a wing go flying in 3d a mock-up of one of the giant hotels and Lily and this is our first little piece of information on a new Pokemon but not actually seeing the Pokemon generated or anything announcement of Sun and Moon I’m in holiday 2016 that was it so that’s what we got for seventh gen around this time of year now there’s a very good chance we could be getting information on gen8 there’s a good chance we could be getting information on something else it’s roughly seven minutes of new information live-streamed and a Pokemon Direct presentation which is much more than that two minute trailer which is nice we could be finding out about spin-off titles or something about the anime I think Sun and Moon is ending this year there’s a lot of potential for a lot of things but most likely what it keeps coming back to in my mind is we have three pokeballs on screen the thumbnail is literally three pokeballs why would it be anything other than starter reveal I don’t know there’s gonna be happening at a.m.

Eastern Standard Time very early in the morning if there’s the chance you did not see it don’t worry I’m gonna make a video recapping everything we’re gonna going over the trailer if it’s about a 8th gen we’re gonna be going over a frame-by-frame and we’re gonna be finding out information that you want to know about the potential 8th generation of Pokemon so guys are gonna be wrapping up this video if you’re hyped for gen8 pokemon and what do you think this is or if you think these are gonna be starter Pokemon leave a comment down below if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe turn on notifications until next time Austin John out .

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